Our Mission, Aim and values


Our Mission

We exist to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people for His glory.


Our Aim

We desire the glory of God in making disciples and baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To teach and observe the commandments of Jesus Christ while beholding Him as ever present and returning for His Church.


Christ Alone Fellowship

Christ Alone is the Head of the Church and Fellowship is the result of what He has accomplished at the cross.

Our Values

  1. We value the exaltation of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We commit as a local body to exalt God in all our efforts and to always seek His glory in all things.
  2. We value the Holy Scriptures. We commit as a local body to be subject to the inspired writings of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Submitting every practice, effort and plan to what God has spoken in the Holy Scriptures.
  3. We value expository preaching. We commit as a local body to always preach from the Holy Scriptures and to always be Christ exalting in our proclamation and exultation of the gospel.
  4. We value worshipping God in Spirit and in truth. We commit as a local body to freely worship God with a genuine desire for His glory. To be biblical, truthful, exuberant and celebratory as we seek His glory in our worship of Him.
  5. We value prayer. We commit as a local body to always seek God in fervent prayer. Corporately and individually. Pursuing Him in devotion and petition. All for His glory.
  6. We value doctrinal purity. We commit as a local body to avoid conformity to the world. We desire only conformity to the image of Christ Jesus as we seek our doctrine and practice from the Holy Scriptures.
  7. We value authentic fellowship. We commit as a local body to loving one another and to care for the needs of one another.
  8. We value the weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper. We commit as a local body to take the sacraments weekly as a sign of His body broken and His blood shed. To give this only to those who have professed faith in Christ. Proclaiming the Lord’s death until He comes.
  9. We value evangelism and missions. We commit as a local body to the preaching of the gospel locally and globally. To baptize and make disciples. Always desiring and working to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  10. We value the local church. We commit as a local body to value membership and commitment for the building up of the body of Christ through fellowship, prayer and love.